• A recipe for food trust

    Building trust in food is one of the most complex problems that business and society must solve. But it’s also a great opportunity for food companies.

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  • Third party trust - Assess your food fraud vulnerability

    Food fraud is a growing concern. Recent food fraud incidents have increased the need to protect consumers by strengthening the food industry’s ability to detect and combat fraud across supply chains. That is why PwC and SSAFE have collaborated to release a food fraud vulnerability assessment that companies can use free-of-charge to help identify vulnerabilities and reduce fraud threats.

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  • Securing your future in the digital world

    Digital technology is changing customer behaviour and business models at an exponential rate and creating extraordinary and unforeseen opportunities for growth and development.

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  • Reducing the element of chance in the process of change

    The world is changing at a faster pace than ever. Customers and stakeholders demand more value, wholesale market disruption is both a threat and an opportunity, and the race to increase or retain competitive advantage is intensifying.

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  • Increasing opportunity by reducing complexity

    Today’s operating landscape is becoming increasingly complex. But establishing a sustainable governance environment will enable organisations to maximise the upside of managing business risks.

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  • Ensuring partners and suppliers are keeping your promises

    A contract is simply a promise written on a piece of paper. But it’s true worth lies not in legality, but in the relationship of trust within which it was signed.

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