Getting the balance right

Today’s operating landscape is becoming increasingly complex. But establishing a sustainable governance environment will enable organisations to maximise the upside of managing business risks.

Choosing the right approach is key to getting the best performance and value from your organisation’s control environment.

Getting your controls design ‘just right’ is critical to both managing risk and allowing the business to focus on what it does best. The risk and control environment is an essential part of any company. But whether it is efficient, effective and strategically supportive of the business is another question.

The challenge is to ensure that management has controls in place that are able to meet compliance and risk obligations, without burdening the business or limiting its ability to innovate and grow.

In the current climate, a variety of external challenges and constraints are impacting the resources available to maintain your control environment.

These external factors, coupled with rapidly changing responsibilities, technology and processes, are shifting stakeholder priorities and intensifying the scrutiny on risk and compliance management.

By looking beyond process risk and considering the nature of the business as a whole, we can help embed a control system that considers your strategic priorities, risk appetite, culture and stakeholder expectations.

This creates the potential for meaningful organisational change as it not only delivers a more sophisticated understanding of risk but also drives a greater awareness of the strategic drivers of the business.

This is the essential nature of our work – to drive value while maintaining a robust control environment.

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78% of CEOs around the world view increasing regulation as the top threat to business growth.

How do you benefit?

The value of our work can be measured in the confidence our clients feel in knowing that their risks are appropriately managed and that they are delivering operational excellence.

Our intent is to:

  • Enable strategic growth by reducing complexity and simplifying processes.
  • Reduce the costs of doing business by acting pro­actively.
  • Create an internal culture that understands and pursues the upside of risk management.