Confident, informed and in control

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever. Customers and stakeholders demand more value, wholesale market disruption is both a threat and an opportunity, and the race to increase or retain competitive advantage is intensifying.

Flexibility and agility will be required to respond swiftly in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

Boards are responding by making strategic investments in major business transformation, with new citizen and customer-focused products and services, expansion into new markets, new technologies and efficiency improvement being key areas of focus.

These are significant undertakings that impact the business, customers and suppliers. Astute project and program selection, execution and benefits realisation is crucial to success.

The stakes could not be higher.

The role of PwC’s Transformation Confidence professionals is to help transformation leaders achieve their vision while managing risk effectively.

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70% of all change efforts fail.

How do you benefit?

Confidence. We provide you with a clear and independent view that cuts through to the fundamentals – highlighting areas of strength as well as areas to fix.

Value. We identify problems that can be fixed before they become issues. The earlier in the transformation we are engaged the greater the value we provide.

Personal reputation. Transformation has very visible outcomes that reflect on the transformation leader. We help you stay true to those outcomes.

Vision. Our work is forward­-looking. Our recommendations are practical and where necessary they are supported by tools and techniques that can be re­used by your organisation.

Access to invaluable experience. We bring insights from both inside and outside of your industry to help you succeed by leveraging the PwC global network.